2020 Winners

The first Virtual Cheese Awards were held in July 2020 - below is a list of the winners...

Meet the team

Best British Cheese 2020 - Winner

Renegade Monk, Feltham's Farm

Marcus Fergusson

Feltham’s Farm makers of Renegade Monk 

“Winning Best British Cheese at the first ever Virtual Cheese Awards was so thrilling, we never thought we’d win. It gave us renewed momentum and drive after we were hit hard through the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are a small producer so it’s often hard to get cut-through but winning the award helped us raise our profile and we got featured in lots­­ of media which has been great. After many months of trying, we finally got Renegade Monk listed in Paxton & Whitfield’s October Cheese Club which was a real triumph and something that may not have happened without winning the Virtual Cheese Awards.

 We would recommend all producers to enter as it gave our business a real boost. We loved the transparency of the judging process which isn’t replicated in any other cheese awards. It was fascinating to hear all of the cheeses analysed by such knowledgeable and unflinching judges."

Category Results

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Class Results