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If you've entered your wonderful cheese into the 2022 awards, then please note the details and timings of where and when to send your cheese samples.


We all look forward to welcoming you to watch the judge’s videos of the class judging which will be recorded on 28th April 2022 & the ‘live’ event on Friday 13th May, hosted by Nigel Barden.

However, before we enjoy the event, we need to ensure that we take safe delivery of your precious cheese samples, ready to collate into the judging boxes. The collaboration will be kindly done by Sharphams Dairy & Food in Community in Devon.

Cheese samples required

Please prepare 9 samples for each entry you have made. (All 9, as similar as possible please)

If you are cutting your cheese, please cut to a weight of about 200g of cheese, otherwise please send in 9 small cheeses.

(This number of samples are very important; This number of samples is required to allow enough cheese- firstly to be sent out to both judges in the class event. **Should your cheese win its class, further samples will then be sent out again to the ‘live ‘category judging & also for the final**

Your samples must be wrapped securely, the unique labels (enclosed) applied to each cheese & delivered chilled, to our partner, Sharphams Dairy.

Your samples must arrive at Sharphams Dairy BETWEEN 19th & 21stnd April 2022.

Couriers must deliver to this site only during the hours of between 7am & 2pm please

Parcels are FAO Sarah Dudley.

Your samples should be selected, so that your cheese will be at its best from 28th – 13th May.

This pack contains:

1/ Unique code labels to apply on your cheeses.

Please complete the use by date on this label, (this helps us to donate any spare cheese to Food in Community).

2/ Sample information – so you know which code is which cheese

3/ An address label for Sharphams Dairy to apply to the outside of the box

4/ A Sent by label with your name & address of dairy.

If you are missing any information, please let me know immediately.

Kind Regards,

Sarah de Wit

Founder & MD Virtual Cheese Awards


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