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VCA 2024
Live Stream
Tues 14th
& Weds 15th May

The agenda for both days can be found below, along with the live stream...

Day one – 14th May 2024

  • 10.30am    Welcome and introductions

  • 10.45am                      Best Cheddar cheese judging with Sarah Miness, Waitrose & Russell Haggata, Morrisions

  • 11.30am                      Best Territorial cheese judging with Deiniol ap Dafydd, Blas ar Fwyd & Will Chapman, Neals Yard Dairy

  • 12.15pm                      Best Artisan Soft cheese judging with Emma Young, The Cheese Explorer & Ceri Cryer, Brinkworth Dairy

  • 1pm                             Best Enhanced cheese judging with Nicola Beardmore, Ornua & Sarah Miness, Waitrose

  • 1.45pm                        Best Speciality cheese judging with Paul Heasman, Rowcliffe & Stephen Fleming, George & Joseph

  • 1pm                             Meet the VCA team

  • 2.30pm                        Interview: Richard Clothier, MD Wyke Farms

  • 3pm                             Best Blue cheese judging with Richard Newell & Simon Ferro, The Courtyard Dairy

  • 3.45pm                        Best Artisan Hard cheese judging with Emma Young, The Cheese Explorer & James Grant, No2 Pound Street


Day two – 15th May 2024

  • 12pm                           Welcome and meet the VCA team

  • 12.10pm                      Interview: Hero Hirsh, Pick & Cheese

  • 12.30pm                      Excellence Awards Winners Announced

  • 12.45pm                      British Cheese and Peter’s Yard cracker pairing with Charlie Turnbull and Perry Wakeman

  • 1.15pm                        Meet the VCA Founder and learn how to judge

  • 1.30pm                        Final Supreme Judging

  • 3pm                             Interview: Mark Lee Torpenhow Farmhouse Dairy

  • 3.20pm                        Bronwen Percival Neals Yard Dairy announces Science of Artisan Cheese Bursary winners

  • 3.40pm                        Interview: James Grant and Amy Brice talk about the Real Cheese Project

  • 4pm                             VCA Winners announcement and Best of British Supreme Champion

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