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Nigel Pooley and Sarah de Wit have decided to turn A ‘wacky’ idea turning into reality, the Virtual cheese awards his year will take place on Saturday 18th July 2020.


The lockdown has severely affected the business of many specialist cheese makers & the fear is some may not be able to weather this storm. By holding the awards we hope to raise awareness and increase sales and all profits will be donated to charities supporting these dairies, makers and farmers.


The whole Judging process will be open for all to view online and we will intersperse the Judging Process with other items of interest linked to the Cheese World.  We also want to encourage Consumers to get involved and watch the process and ultimately learn more about the different cheese on show with a view to them wanting to buy and try.

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Sarah De Wit

A food technologist with manufacturing & major retail experience of almost 30 yrs. Having worked successfully at Asda for over 16 years within the Cheese category.


I’m truly & utterly passionate about cheese & the dairy industry.


For the past 2 years I have run my own business, a key focus for me is helping dairies with on-going quality improvement, grading & NPD.   

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Nigel Pooley

A lifelong dedicated Dairy person with 57 years continuous working in the Industry, the last 23 + years at Wyke Farms.


For the past 30 years I have been involved with Cheese Shows and the past 20 years Chairman of local Cheese Award Shows so have it in my blood and to be honest with Coronavirus was beginning to miss the buzz associated with entering our best cheese.


Jeremy Bowen

Jeremy Bowen has been in & around food for over 25 years but cheese has always been the hero ! As a food critic, international judge, food stylist, journalist and Owner & Trader at jbfoodsolutions he is known for getting things done. Jeremy at 

works with small producers supporting and orchestrating their wish to reach market hence our pleasure in having him on our Team . 

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Vicki Rogerson

Vickie Rogerson is officially obsessed with cheese! She is the co-founder of Homage2Fromage, a cheese events and cheese box delivery business, and also runs a food & drink PR agency North PR which has a strong leaning towards supporting the cheese and dairy industry. She is a champion for cheese producers and actively helps connect consumers with all sorts of amazing cheese in a fun, informal and informative way.


For cheese chats, email 


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18 July 2020

11.00 am     Introduction by Nigel Barden

11.05 am     Interview with Nigel Pooley

11.10 am     Best Cheddar Cheese Category

11.30 am     Interview with Sarah de Wit

11 40 am     Best Territorial cheese Category

12.05 pm     Interview Gill Hall – Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses

12 15 pm     Best Blue Cheese

12.30 pm     Interview with Sean Wilson

12.35 pm     Interview with Vickie Rogerson North PR

12 40 pm     Best Enhanced Cheese

13.05 pm     Interview with Michelle Shirlow MBE

13 10 pm     Best Speciality Cheese

13 30 pm     Jeremy Bowen – Cheese Socialite

13 35 pm     Irish Black Butter Video

13 35 pm     Butlers Peoples Choice Cheese Box with Gill Hall

13 45 pm     Best Artisan Hard Cheese

14 05 pm     Interview with Catherine Mead

14 15 pm     Best Artisan Soft Cheese

14 35 pm     Interview with Razan d’Alous – Yorkshire Dama Cheese

14 45 pm     Expert Panel

15 15 pm     Society of Dairy Technology video

15 20 pm     Interview with Richard Clothier Wyke Farms

15 40 pm     Interview the 3 Final Judges

15 45 pm     Holly Shackleton from Speciality Food magazine talks about the amazing prize for the Winner

15 50 pm     Build up to the Final

15 55 pm     Recap on the Category Winners

16 00 pm     Judging of the Final for Best British Cheese


16 45 pm     Nigel and Sarah announce the winner

16 50 pm     Interview with the winner


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